Luna Eclipse Jan 21 2019

When is the Blood Moon

This coming Monday night (Yes Monday :-0) there is a blood moon

Here is the times which it should be all red.

4:41amFull eclipse begins

The Moon has completely entered the Earth’s umbra and starts to turn red.

High in the west
5:12amMaximum eclipse

This is when the Moon is closest to the centre of the Earth’s umbra.

Fairly high in the south west
5:43amFull eclipse ends

The Moon will start to leave the Earth’s umbra and enter its penumbra losing its red colour.

Fairly low in the west

How to Photograph the Blood Moon

Below is a link to the Royal Museums Greenwich (Thanks to Cathy Crolla for the link)

It has a good link to a video on how to photograph eclipse

Lunar eclipse guide 2019 | When and where to see in the UK | Explore Royal Museums Greenwich

Where will it be in the sky

I had a quick check on the Photographer’s Ephemeris and the Blood Moon is going to be over the Irish sea, so there is a possible chance of the blood moon with sand dunes in the foreground, or (not sure if this would work) a picture of the blood moon and the wind turbines on the horizon.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Luna Eclipse

Luna eclipse Jan 21 2019

Here is a link to the actual Luna Time & Day from the Photographer’s Ephemeris,-3.058095&dt=20190121051601%2B0000&center=53.4877,-3.0581&z=8&spn=1.11,5.69