Natural History

Expertly judged by Margaret Sixsmith EFIAP FBPE EPSA, a really good selection of many different subjects – particularly in the colour section.

Audio Visual 2017/18

If you would like to submit your audio visual entry as a windows .exe file then please bring it on a stick to the club by the 17th. The .exe files have better picture resolution than an mp4, but if you don’t really care too much about a bit more resolution or haven’t got the… Read more »

2nd Open 2017/18

The second open competition of the season was judged by Steve Carr.


Sports and Leisure

The competition was judged by Gordon Bartley ARPS. Plenty of sports were represented, from American Football to Yachting and everything in-between; but particularly the egg-chasing.

First Open 2017/18

The first competition of the season, pictures of anything, was judged by Doug Bennison. Great fun even though the dpi projection was a bit wonky.

1st Open 2014/15

Open Competitions provide the most diverse subjects This competition proved to be extremely competitive with a high standard of images. The competition was judged at our meeting in Crosby Library on 24th September 2014 Judge on the night was Judge Doug Bennison LRPS, CPAGB

Animal Kingdom

2nd Competition – Animal Kingdom A certain amount of latitude was allowed with this competition. The entries were of an extremely high quality. Judging took place at our meeting at Crosby Library on 22nd October 2014 Judge on the evening was Judge Tilman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP DPAG

Graveyards & Places of Worship

The challenge was set for our members to take photographs of Graveyards & Places of Worship. The choice of the specific subject matter was left to the members You can see from the high quality images that they have achieved their goal. Judging took place on 26th November 2014 at our meeting at Crosby Library… Read more »


4th Competition – Water. The subject brought out the best in our members. Being such an open subject the variety was amazing and the competition intense Judged on 21st January 2015 at Crosby Library Judge on the night Judge:- John Dougherty APAGB BPE1

Industrial Archaelogy and/or Machinery

5th Competition – Industrial Archaeology and/or Machinery This Competition gave our members some artistic license. The competition was close with some exceptional images. Judging took place on 25th February 2015 at our meeting in Crosby Library Judge on the night was: Judge Sandy Pownall LRPS

2nd Open 2014/15

Open competitions bring the best out in our members. The standard of work is exemplary and varied as can be seen from the winning images below. The competition was judged on 18th March 2015 at our meeting in Crosby Library. The judge on the night was Judge David Platt DPAGB

1st Open 2015/16

The first competition of the new season was judged by Tilman Kleinhans (LRPS, EFIAP, DPAG). After the judge had passed his verdict on the images they were neatly and expertly placed on the display racks by Andrew Dunford.  

Close Ups

The second competition of the season. Judged by Doug Bennison(LRPS, DPAGB)

Portraits & People

Judged By Sandy Pownall (LRPS) As opposed to a straight portrait competition this subject gave members latitude to show people in a wide variety of situations and poses.

Trees, Woods & Forests

Judged by Robert Millin (DPAGB, EFIA/s EPSA BPES LRPS)

All Things Nautical

This competition was full to the gunwhales with ship shape and bristol fashion pictures, judged by Tony Duffey (CPAGB). The pictures were placed hand over fist on the racks by Andrew Dunford. The tea was by Karen and Deborah, very nice. Steve Lang brought some banana twinkies but he might have been the only person… Read more »

2nd Open 2015/16

The final open competition of the 2015/16 season in front of a packed house. Judged by the lively and informative Steve Carr.


The images have been selected for our club’s entry to the LCPU digital image competition and can be seen below.

Still Life 2017

Still Life Competition judged by John Thompson

First Open 2016/17

Judge Doug Bennison

Print of the Year

Judged by Gordon Bartley

2nd Open 2016/17

Judged by Bob Dennis


Judged by Tony Duffy


Judged by Robert Millin

Audio Visual 2016/17

Judged by Keith Fisher Entries on a USB Flash Drive to be passed to Pete Warren no later than Wed 11th Jan so it can go to the judge before the comp.

Bridges & Tunnels

Judged by Sandy Powell