21st October 2020

A lecture via zoom by Chris Upton ARPS – a professional photographer, based in Nottinghamshire, specialising in Travel, Landscape and Social Documentary photography. “In this talk I demonstrate how to best capture the beauty of the landscape and the world around us. I shoot a variety of styles, from the wide sweeping vistas to the… Read more »

25th November 2020

Take a journey across Mongolia from the famous Steppe landscape to the eagle hunters of the Altai region in western Mongolia. In the comfort of your own home, via Zoom. With guest lecturer, the award winning Julian Elliot

16th December 2020

Mark Pain is a multi-award winning sports photographer with over 25 years experience and international recognition. Covering major events worldwide from the Olympic Games to the Ryder Cup, and from football and rugby World Cups to World Championship athletics, Mark has worked at the top of his profession for many years and was Chief Sports… Read more »