L&CPU DPI Competition Selection Results

Panoramic view across elterwater

Polling has closed and our dedicated team of counters (Pete Warren) have been working round the clock. The Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union Projected Digital Image Competition Crosby Camera Club Entry Selection Results are in!

Bearing in mind the L&CPU’s rules which are:

  • 8 images to be presented from one club, with no more than 2 images from 1 worker
  • The images must be listed in order of priority
  • The first 4 images listed must be from 4 different workers
  • The first 7 images will be the formal entry, with the 8th held in reserve in case of a tie break.

the entries for our club will be as follows.

  1. Trio by June Poston
  2. Across Elterwater by Paul Baker
  3. Ribbon by Paul Wills
  4. Reflections on Loch Katrine by Karen Redfern
  5. Spring Leveret by Paul Baker
  6. Reflected by Paul Wills
  7. The Ballet Birds by June Poston
  8. Ormond Street, Liverpool by Tony Sinnott

And here are those images, which are being judged on the 19th of November in the Albany Academy, Chorley.