Safe return of club laptop

The club’s laptop, as well as Andy Dunford’s personal laptop, where sensationally returned safe and sound last Wednesday night.

Laptop finds it’s way back to club and is ready for action

They had been discovered by the staff of the Trap & Hatch on the night they were lost, but having been placed in the lost property shelf they were then covered by some lost coats or something daft – and didn’t show up when Andy first went to ask after them.

The Di Centra competition software has been loaded up, the windows update has been done and the resolution settings have been checked against the new club projector – in short everything is ready to go for a test run this week ahead of next weeks Natural History Competition. Full steam ahead.

As well as the big thanks to Steve Sefton for his donation the club also owes a small debt of gratitude to the Trap & Hatch for looking after it.

Asked about the news Andy Dunford said “yeah great made up…made me feel a bit weird at first because it reminded me about my carelessness in losing it, but I’m made up to have it back…I can give Helen her’s back now as well… and I got my name badge back …it’s a funny old world”